1. R.K. says

    He also drank (low alcohol) beer, I can’t recall the name of the brewer but there was a special brew that kept with purity law and only fermented to maybe 2-3% alcohol content. Maybe it was a lemonade shandy type which is popular in Europe.
    Can’t be the Führer & not participate in Germanic traditions!

    I wonder who in zog thought saying Hitler didn’t drink or smoke would equate to him being a sissy, probably the companies who sold the red man’s curse.
    Zogglewood made it look like everyone smoked back then but I don’t believe it was as popular as tobacco sponsored flicks made it seem.

    No women on the maternal side of my family who grew up during the war smoked….of course the boomers did as they tried to stray as far from tradition as possible, even changing their names from the given Italian to something more Anglo.

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  2. Tabitha, it seems that you and I mostly agree on what you have said in this 7-minute recording. Let me say first that I happily eat meat, and I recognize that our White race became the dominant race on this planet while certainly being carnivores. (Yes, our race has been sliding, horribly sliding, in the most recent century.) I have read a lot of White-written — not jew-written — history, which backs me up.

    However, I did not hear you give any references or documentation for your assertion that Adolf Hitler was not a vegetarian. In the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” we are given multiple passages, direct and indirect quotes, of Adolf Hitler talking about being a vegetarian and why. He also said he certainly would not push his position on anyone. Nobody among his guests was vegetarian, as far as we can tell from that book. I have read three of the translations of “Mein Kampf,” and David Irving’s “Hitler’s War”, Goebbel’s Diary, and other related books, and I have found nothing to contradict the assertion in “Hitler’s Table Talk” that he was a vegetarian.

    Adolf Hitler was a great White man, no doubt. Also, he was not perfect. It was silly to be a vegetarian. Worse, he seemed ignorant of crypto-jews and the threat that so-called “good” jews were (and are). His favorite doctor, Morrel (spelling?) was a jew, who subtly poisoned Hitler with his “nutritional” “medicinal” concoctions. His White doctors spoke carefully to Hitler against Morrel, but there is only so much one can say to the Leader who is otherwise a truly great man.

    And there, I leave it.
    Jim Laffrey


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