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The Dissociated Future and the Hive-mind Golem

A tell-all book from 1976 presents another way of seeing what’s happened to us – the descent into a dissociated society. In A Choice of Futures, a top Tavistock researcher, Fred Emery, together with his wife Merrelyn, revealed studies on the effects of television, which they call a dissociative medium. And for the social engineers, dissociation is synonymous with schizophrenia.

A stylized swastika inside a maze

They write, “There is no doubt in our minds that dissociation is the most probable negative scenario to arise from the ‘telecommunications revolution.’”

Dissociation means here withdrawing from who and what’s around you right there into semi-reality or secondary reality, or now, virtual reality. I came across this looking into eating disorders, as well as body and gender dysmorphia – are these and many other disturbances of the mind and spirit just expressions of this predicted fracturing?

I sense it’s a piece of the puzzle, answering questions like why so many are super reactive, unable to make associations, seemingly happy to live vicariously through celebrities or fictional characters, or crowd out their own dreams with the increasingly nightmarish narratives of (((media culture))). Here are a few notes and observations.

Not-So-Vigilant Citizen

The Emerys write, “The evidence is TV not only impairs the ability of the viewer to attend but it also, by taking over a complex of direct and indirect neural pathways, decreases vigilance – the general state of arousal which prepares the organism for action should its attention be drawn to a specific stimulus.” So it’s not just the content that wraps around us sometimes inducing a passive malaise, where it’s hard to take purposeful action, but the medium itself.

Reaction, Reaction, Reaction

Instead of acting, there’s reacting, and I recently noticed tons of YouTube videos of just that – reacting. A toddler reacts to his own birth video, black men to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and this surreal chain reaction of reaction – “Teens React To Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish”

Social media, especially Facebook, seems based on this aspect of the dissociated society with its Like button. It lets someone off the hook to respond with any depth or to add their own take based on personal thoughts and associations. From A Choice of Futures, “It appears that within tens of seconds, the normal human brain ceases to critically reflect upon and analyze the incoming television message. Regardless of its content, the response is primarily attitudinal: like, not like.”

Archaic Brain Revival

With habituation to TV, the neocortex (new brain – right and left) are impaired, and, the Emerys note, the old brain or rhinencephalon comes out to play. The more animalistic or primitive old brain can potentially run wild without the guidance of the higher mind (conscience, reason, etc), and when there’s tension from inaction, there can be aggression and impulsive behavior.

I think it’s obvious that the media, particularly movies and TV shows, are exacerbating this with the content for a kind of psychic driving toward violence effect.

Another way I see this archaic revival here is with the selfie and image-is-everything trend – the Emerys write that attributing an unusual degree of power to visual forms is a “striking characteristic of primitive peoples,” and narcissists. The archaic revival seems to encourage self-identification and magic not bound by nature’s laws or cause and effect. But that doesn’t phase generations brought up on magical television’s fragmented reality or the illusion of reality.

Write the Emerys, “The nature of the medium itself works to dissociate the holistic nature of the human brain, thereby creating the conditions under which an illusion of reality, a mythical world can be developed and appreciated.”

Society of Lost Dreams

Does TV distort our dream time? The Emerys concluded yes because most programming is conveyed in “predigested common iconic forms” – there’s less to work over in dreams. They attributed the rise of hyperactivity to dream deprivation, as well as sensory deprivation, as children started clocking more hours in front of screens.

And here I see how television was a kind of transition medium on the road to hive-mindedness. The Emerys write that the “TV Generation” of the 1970s already had to work harder at connecting with each other “because their phylogenetically older and more uniquely defining characteristics have been lost from awareness both to themselves and others, by the technologically based process of dissociation.”

They write, “We consider that the obvious conformity (to each other, not to elders) of the young today, is one dimension of this phenomenon; there is a general shapeless response which does not bear in any individual the stamp of unique personal vitality.”

Hive-Mind Golem

The Emerys write that the TV generation had become sub-parts of a collective and anonymous entity. I find this fascinating because I felt a kind of subsuming of the uniqueness of our family, and each of us individually, into an artificial, but somehow compelling “secondary reality” of the box in the living room.

Just as all the financial energy is siphoned off by the parasite, now the psychic energy and uniqueness, even soul purpose, is threatened by so many traps, spells, and binders.

Sean Parker, a former Facebook creator, divulged that the platform exploits human vulnerability to steal your time and attention, but is there a spiritual possession being attempted here, too?

Thomas Sheridan talks about this in a video on how Facebook’s “AI neural interface is creating a dissociation in everyone’s mind who are sharing emotional feelings or emotional behaviors…It’s creating the AI interface version of you to replace the real version of you.”

He theorizes that they are manipulating the future by staying one beat ahead, from data mined not from your timeline, but from private messages and groups – your real self.

Manipulating the Knowledge Stock

The Emerys write of the manipulation of knowledge stock (censorship), and in just a few months, this old book has gone from under five bucks in March to around 100 now. I suspect some of the studies are linked to MK Ultra or emerged from the Macy Conference (its original name was Cognitive Inhibition). I see how the victor’s post-war agenda was to fragment our societies down to our minds while reserving for themselves the study of whole systems (cybernetics and systems thinking).

One weakness of the 1984 scenario, wrote the Emerys, was that manipulation of the knowledge stock “will conflict inevitably with the current understandings of the common man which will lead him to a suspicion and contempt of technocrats, academics, and governments,” and that some people could even go beyond reacting to creating their own content. Of course, now we see open censorship because they lost control of the narrative.

A Holistic Future

In closing, I’ll say I remember a few years ago, there was talk of a breakaway (space) civilization, and lately, I’ve thought of one based on coherence and the healing of the mind back to wholeness. The highest human expressions come from a holistic exchange between all parts of the mind so that new associations can form, and we can grow and take action to solve our problems.

Just as many of our unique cultures have been lost, so too are our inner worlds threatened, it seems, by the threat of dissociation – being pulled into artificial worlds that see our precious uniqueness as energy to be harvested and steered.

Author’s Note: This article was originally published in June, 2019 before the launch of the plandemic with its rituals – masks and “social distancing” – that foster next-level dissociation from other people and the intelligence gathering of the senses.

Lord Birkenhead’s Save This for Your Children’s Children – Cosmopolitan Magazine (Feb 1929, Audio)

In this show I orate Cosmopolitan Magazine’s, Save This for Your Children’s, Children: It is a Forecast of What This World Will Be Like Like, 100 Years From Now by Lord Birkenhead, 1st Earl of Birkenhead

Discussions on the future of eugenics, genetics, governance, science, technology, communications, pharmaceutics, population control, agriculture and etc.

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Image may contain: 1 person
Lord Birkenhead the 1st, Earl of Birkenhead

An Ayurvedic Adventure in the Kitchen (Audio)

manipura chakra ayurveda

This special show includes:

-A cooking audio of the classic Ayurvedic beverage, golden milk!

-The chakras, including the manipura/solar plexus

-Ghee, its history and uses

Golden Milk

2 tb. coconut milk powder

1 tb. gelatin, bloomed in 1/4 cup of water

1 tb. collagen

1 tea. maple sugar

pinch Celtic sea salt

1/2 tea. medicinal mushroom (cordyceps, reishi or lion’s mane)

1/4 tea. astragalus, optional

2 cups hot, filtered water

2 tea. turmeric ghee (I like Pure Indian Foods brand)

cardamon, to garnish

Combine the dry ingredients in a blender.  Add the water, then the turmeric ghee.  Buzz for 30 seconds until blended.  Pour into mug and garnish with cardamom.  Enjoy!

Solar Plexus Chakra Chart 08b | Etsy
strike to the solar plexus - martial arts anatomy | Martial arts  techniques, Martial arts, Martial arts workout

Thoughts on Eating Disorders and White Genocide

Girls with anorexia make me think of flowers that are wilting and dying because they’re planted in denatured soil. The whole eating disorder phenomenon, in my view, has been part of girls’ and women’s theatre in the war on white people. The millions of ghosted souls locked in food addictions can be seen as victims of an orchestrated transition over these last decades, from what was a high-trust, relatively flourishing European society, to a fully judaic (denatured) one.

It’s generally conceded that eating disorders in what have been traditionally white countries are a (((media))) generated event, starting with the ‘80s diet craze, skeletal models and photoshopping. However, are we also looking at yet another multi-faceted semitic mind virus?

Like with every social crisis, jewish narrative fixers have been johnny-on-the-spot, to pin blame on mean mothers, the patriarchy, anything but the malevolently orchestrated death spiral of European culture, and its creeping replacement with a judaic one.

Even though it’s joked about in movies and TV shows as that chick disease, eating disorders are the mental illness with the highest mortality rate, with one death every hour in America. With anorexia, one in five dies of suicide, which gives away that it’s got something to do with a loss of will to live in this increasingly toxic, degenerate and undigestible culture.

White women are the primary victims, of what I’ve come to suspect has been an intentionally set off diet culture mega-trend delivered with an MK Ultra-style double-bind. It involves the simultaneous rise of an exploitative diet and beauty market, toxic and addictive food, and the psychic driving of social engineering toward the aggressive deconstruction of any lingering remnants of Aryan identity.

Here are five signs we’re looking at what Zio-communist author Kim Chernin calls interestingly “obsessive entrapment,” and one that has so many women, as she puts it, “genociding themselves.”

Tab Ad / 1969

Consume, Consume, Consume! But Stay Thin!

We are targeted with subliminal advertisements, combined with scientifically-engineered sensory experiences to lure us into consuming, being consumers and even being consumed ourselves. This is paired with a wearying solar year of media thinspiration from new year’s resolutions to preparing for bikini season.

This seems to me to be one of those crazy-making double binds, which is a payload of conflicting messages that makes it hard to respond and sets the trap. MK Ultra-linked mind control figure Gregory Bateson coined the term and it’s interesting to look at the conditions of the Trap, so we can see the way out.

From Bateson’s Wiki page, we learn that the victim of a double bind is bombarded with contradictory demands or emotional messages that are received in different ways (images, gestures, actions). There seems no way that metacommunication is possible — in other words, you can’t see outside the options presented to you. There’s no escape from the messages, as with TVs everywhere these days. The other factor is that it’s implied that the victim will lose something by not going along with it, like not be popular or loved.

We can break free of this double-bind by being able to step outside of this intentionally schizophrenic scene. Many eating disorder specialists talk about the importance of being culturally aware, but they seem clueless about the true scale of social engineering.

CIA-funded Ms. Magazine calls for more shekels for fast-food wage slaves

The Patriarchy Did This To You

White women’s eternal frenemy have not let this engineered crisis go to waste, and the top authors on this topic are chosenites, with titles like Susie Orbach’s Fat is a Feminist Issue. In the most ethnocentric self-help book I’ve ever read, The Hungry Self, jewess Kim Chernin melds Aryan and semitic timelines, when she repeatedly writes of women being denigrated for thousands and thousands of years.

Fellow (((white))) woman Chernin picks up where Betty Friedan left off, projecting all that weaponized discontent that women supposedly have with their biological instincts, motherhood and home life onto all women. Sorry, I can’t relate to most of these stories – my mother was not a zaftig immigrant from a Russian shtetl and organizer for the Communist Party who I couldn’t overthrow in the ladies version of the Freudian Oedipal drama.

It’s freeing to realize that semitic christianity has been a dark age divergence from the true Aryan path reaching back millennia. And that our history is filled with stories of female heroines and wise women living in sync with nature and with men.

Veleda, 1st century AD Germanic Priestess , 1852 painting by Alexandre Cabanel

It’s (Not!) Annudah Shoah

An Australian eating disorder specialist and former anorectic writes of her mum calling her a Belsen horror. Another author feels she has to pay tribute to Viktor Frankl’s Auschwitz memoir, as a way of making sense of suffering.

Likely not intentional, these specialists are steeped in the trauma-based programming of the Holohoax, and this has added to the guilt a lot of anorectics already feel. Chernin is quick to jewsplain that of course, the lives of these privileged women and the suffering of the chosenites in the camps cannot be compared.

To remind the reader of the jews’ unique suffering, she writes in The Hungry Self, “Although anorectic women refuse to acknowledge the extent of the physical depletion they have taken upon themselves, it is surely of interest that they have afflicted themselves with the most tragic and dramatic imagery for human devastation our culture knows.”

This narrative has somehow been slipped subtly and not-so-subtly into a lot of literature to do with all kinds of suffering. It’s as if to say, you don’t know real suffering goyim, unless you’ve been shoahed like we have.

Degeneracy and Sexualization of the Young

The documentary Emma Wants to Live tells the story of a young Dutch girl (see image at top) who filmed her own slow death from anorexia at 18. I noted that Emma’s favorite show was Gossip Girl, a kind of Sex and the City for teens, where they do drugs and have one-nighters in high school. I can’t bring myself to watch a show like this, but I see that one character suffered from bulimia, shown in an episode with the cutesy title, Blair Waldorf Must Pie.

A University of Washington student ‘kiharank,’ closer to Emma’s age writes of Gossip Girl, “The female protagonists are constantly put in the same situation over and over again. Unable to handle their well of emotions, they rely on food as a crutch and resort to catfights and public humiliation when all else fails.”

And to think, I used to watch half-pint’s antics on Little House on the Prairie after school.

My take is that the intensity of youth has nowhere to go, with no real rites of passage except for what’s shown on TV. Food becomes a drug, a way to self-soothe, a way to deal with not knowing how to act, or who to be, in a degenerate world.

Death Culture and Soul Flight

Finally, there’s death as a fashion statement, with not only corpse-like models, but also models posing in ways to appear like corpses. There’s a romanticization of death, with vampire movies and dystopian visions with a cultural message of ‘no future.’

From Cover, a Danish Magazine, 2015
Vogue Italia, “Water Oil”

The other way this spells death is when girls lose their curves and their cycles, and with it, their ability to continue life by giving birth. This fits with the depopulation agenda, and with the establishment’s all-in strategy to implement white genocide.

Coming Back to Life

We can see how an eating disorder or obsessive entrapment keeps someone in the state of envy (related with the lower chakras to the knees) and brings many literally to their knees. As a teenager, I was told by a school counselor that I would never recover from my eating disorder, but I did it slowly by finding healthy pathways in this sick and dying culture.

Getting back to the flower analogy, we need soul nourishment, which is often the main hunger, instead of the empty calories of trash culture. And stepping out of the vampire’s lair and into the sun again.

These are some of my impressions of a complex and enigmatic spectrum of disorders, and I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Author’s Note: This is a republished article from 2018. My revisiting of my own teen-years eating disorder culminated in the 2019 publishing of my book, Shapeshifter: A Story of Outgrowing Diet Culture.


How Eating Disorders Became a White Women Problem, by (((Allison Yarrow))), Huffington Post

Eating Disorder Statistics – US

Kim Chernin, The Hungry Self

Michelle Sparks, Illuminating Anorexia

Anita Johnston, Eating in the Light of the Moon

Beginner’s Spinal Meditation (Audio)

Here’s a quick and simple to do spinal meditation suitable for morning, afternoon or evening.

The number one secret to staying youthful is to keep your spine supple. A healthy spine slows down aging significantly.

The spine is an indicator of health and balance. When it is strong, lengthened, and flexible, the benefits can be seen on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Collapsing the spine by slumping affects our entire body: it minimizes our capacity to breathe deeply, limits space in the upper thoracic spine, and overextends muscles, tendons, and nerves in the lumbar region. The spine is our framework, and when the structure of our frame breaks down, all systems are jeopardized.

80-90% of the population suffers from spinal pain at some point in their life, and if you have ever had back pain, you know how debilitating it can be.

While running or going to the gym can be a great workout for your body, these forms of exercise don’t focus on the health of your spine.  This is where Kundalini Yoga comes in.  With gentle, simple, repetitive movements, Kundalini Yoga focuses on getting the energy moving in your spine.

Kundalini yoga, or spinal yoga, has been around for thousands of years.  “Kundalini” is the Sanskrit word for “coiled”: The practice is very focused on body mechanics, flexibility, core muscle strength, muscle tension, and loosening and adjusting the spine.

Kundalini yoga focuses on opening up all your vertebral bodies. We have seven vertebral bodies in the cervical spine, then twelve in the thoracic spine, and five in the lumbar spine, and five make up the sacral spine. In a typical Kundalini practice, you are starting at the very base of the spine at the sacrum and working on stretching every level as you work up to the neck, or the cervical spine. A large component of it is rotating the joints.  The joints in the spine are just like joints in your elbows, your shoulders, your knees: You can have inflammation of the spinal joints, and they can get arthritic. People don’t conceptually think about the spine in that way, so it’s important to emphasize the inflammatory component.

Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras | Energy healing reiki, Chakra, Pranic  healing

But what is the spine?

  • The spine is made up of a series of bones stacked on top of each other that houses and protects the spinal cord.
  • The spinal cord is a column of nerve fibers that branch off into the rest of the body responsible for sending and receiving messages from the brain. It is through the spinal cord and its branching nerves that the brain influences the rest of the body, controlling movement and organ function.

In simpler terms, think of your nerve fibers like cables running from your computer. What happens if one of the cables is destroyed or unplugged? It affects the whole system.

How do you protect the spine?  The key to maintaining a healthy spine is flexibility.

The dangers of not being flexible include:

  • stiffness
  • poor posture
  • back pain
  • movement limitations
  • risk for injury to muscles, tendons, and ligaments


Study Confirms Transsexual Hormone “Treatments” Lower IQ

A study monitoring the cognitive effects of sex hormones on an 11-year-old child showed significant decrease in IQ points after hormone disruptors were administered.

Published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience medical journal in November 2017, the study observed an 11-year-old boy, before and after hormone suppressors “to review the effects of puberty suppression on the brain white matter during adolescence.”

According to the results obtained through the cognitive evaluations, the patient presented a decrease in their overall intellectual performance after the onset of pubertal block, pointing to immaturity in her (his) cognitive development,” scientists reported.

After 28 months of hormone suppression, scientists noted the child’s brain white matter “remained unchanged, which may be related to reduced serum testosterone levels.”

intelligence quotient cartoon

In a subsequent discussion, researchers stated the subject’s global IQ (GIQ) “was further slightly reduced during the follow-up injection of hormone disruptor treatment.”

“In fact, the low average GIQ together with impairment in the perceptual organization of intelligence and processing speed index presented even before treatment suggest that any neurodevelopmental immaturity may have been potentiated by pubertal suppression,” the study concludes.

Some questions emerge from these findings, especially regarding the influence of sex steroids on cognition during puberty.  It is likely that the structural and micro-structural changes in the brain during adolescence, may interfere on the achievement of complete cognitive potential.”

There is already an avalanche of reasons why tinkering with a child’s hormones will lead to many seen and unforeseen issues down the road. The IQ aspect just confirms how easy they will be to control. It would not surprise me in the least if Elon Musk’s (Lone Scum) neural lace, which supposedly raises IQ will be marketed to gender dysphoric children as a “treatment.”


The YOLO Cannabis Culture

Author’s Note: I am not anti-cannabis. I respect the ancient healing wisdom of this sacred plant.  What I am is anti-degeneracy and against concentrated cannabis derivatives that are denatured and harmful to our health. I am also not anti-tattoo, but honestly I find most tattoos to be garish and the toxicity of the ink is another issue altogether.

Over the last few years, I have seen California transition from legal recreational cannabis usage for residents, to allowing non-Californians to partake in a weed holiday.  Along with this has come the introduction of numerous cannabis concentrates and a revving up of the YOLO agenda.  According to (((Wikipedia))), YOLO is: an aphorism (from Greek aphorismos, denoting “delimitation”, “distinction”, and “definition”) is a concise, terse, laconic, and/or memorable expression of a general truth or principle.  They are often handed down by tradition from generation to generation.  YOLO is an abrahamic concept that is not only alien to a people who believe in reincarnation, but utterly dastardly to our youth who are the future of our race.

At the end of last year the brand Heavy Hitters, a high potency vape cartridge company started offering those age 21+ a chance to apply for the job of “Travel Smoke Weed Get Paid.”  To shill for their company, people will get $1,200 a month and $500 in Heavy Hitters product credit to ensure they stay high 24/7.  According to their website, special consideration given to candidates who: have an original skill or talent (Skate, Surf, BMX, Tattoo Art, Music, Dance, Art, Production, Streetwear Design, Memelord, or any other dope shit).

The brand itself is pushing a rather dark and artificial aesthetic:

A Heavy Hittters marketing card featuring a synthetic looking woman (or tranny) sporting candy colored hair, oodles of lame tattoos (including hands and neck) and a super plastic looking face.
Back of marketing card.  Get that bread!
This marketing card depicts a dark haired woman – most likely a hipster Millennial with ample poorly placed and designed tattoos puffing on a Heavy Hitters vape pen.

Here is a video about the contest:

Rainbow Degeneracy

The LGBTP agenda is in full swing as well in the California cannabis culture.  A dispensary called The Green Cross makes a point of being not only an LGBTP friendly establishment, as well as supporting numerous unsavory organizations such as: Black Lives Matter, Black & Pink (a prison abolitionist organization, which seeks to replace prison with rehab – kind of like an affirmative action for incarcerated trannies), The SF LGBT Center and Southern Poverty Law Center.

One of their promotional stickers features their logo and their name with a rainbow striped cannabis leaf.

Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates, a rapidly growing segment of the legal marijuana market, reduce the plant to its chemical essence.

There is a good and a bad side to the legalization.  First off, rendering a plant “illegal” is utterly ludicrous.  Secondly, anytime something becomes wildly popular, it is reasonable and sane to ponder if an agenda is at play.  All concentrates carry risks due to their extract nature, but the most dangerous ones are butane derived.  Manufacturing concentrates involves using solvents like alcohol, carbon dioxide and other chemicals to strip away the plant’s leaves and then processing the potent remains.  The final products can resemble cookie crumbles, wax and translucent cola spills.

A standard method of concentrate consumption, known as dabbing, uses vaporizing devices called rigs that resemble bongs, but instead of a bowl to hold the weed, there’s a nail made from titanium, quartz or a similarly sturdy material.  The dabber heats the nail with a blowtorch and then uses a metal tool to vaporize a dab of concentrate on the nail.  Visually, the process is sometimes compared to smoking strongly stigmatized drugs like crack and crystal methamphetamine.  For years, dabbing has been considered an outcast subculture within the misfit world of cannabis.

Today a number of portable devices aim to deliver the intense high of dabbing concentrates in a more user-friendly way.  At cannabis industry parties, there’s often a “dab bar” where attendants fire up the rigs, and wipe off the mouthpieces after each use.  Machines called e-nails allow users to set a rig’s exact temperature to maximize vapor and flavor.

Strong West Coast weed can approach 30% THC.  Concentrates, which dispensaries sell by the gram, range between 60% and 80%, but they can be even stronger.  One form called crystalline is reportedly 99% THC. (The oil in increasingly ubiquitous vape pens can also be 70% or higher THC but it’s vaporized in smaller doses.)  Concentrates aren’t a new concept; hash or hashish, the compacted resin of the cannabis plant, has been used in central and south Asia for more than 1,000 years.  But legalization in the United States has laid the groundwork for innovation in the craft.

The more potent and powerful concentration of THC leads to an immediate feeling of euphoria.  Due to its odorless and discrete nature, it is becoming increasingly popular among high school students and young adults.  With its extremely high THC content there are numerous concerns for the use of concentrates.

Side effects include:

● Impaired judgment
● Poor concentration
● Short-term memory loss
● Impaired motor skills
● Suppression of the immune system
● Personality and mood changes
● Reduced sexual capacity
● Sensory distortion

The high potency of THC highly increases the risk of:

● Vomiting
● Severe withdrawal symptoms
● Paranoia
● Anxiety
● Severe psychological symptoms

What is BHO?

Although currently outlawed in California, Butane Hash Oil an extremely harmful solvent derived concentrate.  BHO is mainly made up of two ingredients: cannabis and alcohol.  Different alcohols require distinct methods to extract the oils from the marijuana and are associated with different risks. The two most common methods of production are BHO/Butane Hash Oil and Isopropyl.

Method 1- BHO/Butane Hash Oil (most common)

The dried cannabis is stuffed into an open-ended tube where one end is covered by a filter (most commonly a coffee filter) and the other end is closed.  Butane is injected into the tube and causes the oils to extract from the plant.  The combination is drained into a container and heated at extreme temperatures until the wax is produced.

Method 2 – Isopropyl

When using isopropyl alcohol, the cannabis is first soaked in the alcohol for a period of time before being drained into a container.  The liquid from the soaked mixture is then heated at an extremely high temperature until most of the alcohol evaporates and wax is produced.

Health Risks of Butane Honey Oil

Since the wax-like resin of BHO contains a high concentration of THC, smoking this form of cannabis produces a more intense high.  This form of smoking, called “dabbing,” is done by heating up a special pipe (often with a small butane torch) until it’s red hot, then using a tool to touch the resin to the inside of the pipe.  This produces a smoke instantly that is then quickly inhaled.  If coca leaf is to crack, then cannabis leaf is to dabs – it is a chemically derived concentrate of the plant.

It is common to use low-quality alcohol to make the process faster and cheaper, leading to serious side effects and extreme harm to the consumer.  Recent studies have linked the use of marijuana wax to irreversible brain and central nervous system damage.  In one case, after ingesting the substance a young high school student was left unconscious and awoke with 75% of his cognitive abilities damaged.  The high potency of it has proven to increase the risk of an accidental overdose.  In addition, the hallucinogenic effects of BHO have been linked to paranoia, psychosis, and hallucinations which can last for days.

In addition to more intense side effects of concentrated THC, butane is a highly volatile gas.  There have been reports of explosions and fires resulting from people attempting to create BHO at home.  Seventeen people were hospitalized in the city of Portland, Oregon in 16 months after trying to make this substance.  People who have smoked bad batches of BHO have also reported intense headaches and swelling around the throat, which can block the airway if it becomes severe enough.

Commercial butane is not something to play with as it has been strongly linked to heart muscle sensitization; it basically can make the heart super sensitive to adrenaline and can lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death, even if you have previously used it without adverse effects.  In fact, when you think you are medicated from a butane extracted product, often times part of that “high” feeling is generated from the solvent itself and not from the quality of the cannabis.  The ease of availability and low cost makes Butane extractions attractive to some, but the implications can be dangerous and life threatening. Solvents can dissolve the cell membrane and continued ingestion can damage internal cells.  This is specifically dangerous to the heart and brain.

According to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on Butane, the warning clearly states the potential heath affects:  Irritation, nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, symptoms of drunkenness, tingling sensation, suffocation, convulsion, coma.  The potential health effects after our body metabolizes Butane into Sec-Butanol are gastrointestinal issues, including, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  However, the real seriousness lies in the long term effects, which may cause sudden collapse, coma, respiratory failure, liver and kidney failure.

Many of these products come in fruit flavors that are being directly marketed to a young crowd.  It’s obvious these concentrates are becoming more and more popular as the world gets sicker.

Remember, if Nature can’t make it, stay away from it.


The Dangers of Marijuana Wax: Get the Facts

San Francisco: An Anti-White Cesspool

As someone who has traveled to California throughout the years, I have first hand witnessed the demise and destruction of a former White paradise. San Francisco in particular has been especially degenerated into a semitic circus. There are many things that are wonderful and healthy (read: White) about San Francisco and the Bay area such as: the weather, the amazing redwood forests, the farmer’s markets, the abundance of amazing restaurants and the awesome thrift shopping.

But there are also numerous vile and unsettling things such as: the multiculturalism (really multiracialism), the LGBTP insanity (which is inescapable), the drug addicts (many of them White), the homeless (many of them also White) and how could I forget the streets that are regularly strewn with feces, needles and tents? Perhaps San Francisco’s poop problem is a metaphor for the racial browning of the Golden State.

In the last eight years, the number has increased gradually and is now five times the number it was in 2011.

In addition to all of this, San Francisco is one of the most (if not #1) expensive areas in the country to live. A six-figure salary is actually considered low income. Imagine paying thousands of dollars in rent each month only to be living around human(?) scum and spiritually sickening propaganda at every turn.

I have taken pictures of some of the things I have seen. Before I was awake to the (((root))) problem in our world, much of what I saw I felt was disgusting, but I didn’t go out of my way to speak out about it publicly. Now is the time to not be shy or timid and share information that can assist in opening the eyes of our people.

“Imitation is the Whitest form of flattery.” Oh really?  Then how come every beauty standard is based on Whites?
“Cultivating Resistance.” According to the Clarion Alley Mural Project, The mural depicts Trump spewing out Twitter birds with words such as xenophobia, misogyny, and racism, pipelines spilling oil, democracy crumbling, and an image of Steven Bannon in a KKK hood holding the scales of justice. At the center of the image, all people stand together investing in their environment, in education, and in criminal justice reform. They are insulating the fledgling tree with their activism.
“No ban on stolen land. White man is a fool —> native man will have his day.” That’s right – native man (us) will have our day.
This is a slogan we can use to our advantage when making others aware of the Solutreans.
“End Apartheid B.D.S.”  Not a fan of this word, but it’s good to see even a small bit of resistance.
Random degenerate “art.” Lots of death themes in this ultra Mestizo area.
Loser alert: a Commie bookstore shilling for Democracy.
The LGBTP flag and the transgender flag are literally everywhere; including churches. 
A kakistocracy is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.  The word was coined as early as the seventeenth century.  Isn’t this usually the case?
“I love my Muslim neighbor.” Does that include female genital mutilation and Halal butchery?
“Men!  All of you: put your guns down.” Do it quickly so I can rub my hands together in glee!
More degenerate “art” from a genital themed cake company. Because normal cake is isn’t edgy enough.


Time Capsule: When Eugenics was Celebrated

About 100 years ago, the United States held Fitter Family Contests, where the most racially hygienic person or family won an award. Today, we live in a world where spiritual degeneracy such a sexual dysphoria (homosexuality), gender dysphoria (transgenderism) and general malaise of the physique are celebrated. The mind control parasites have infected the human psyche so much that white robots and White babies are now considered “racist.”

What Actually is Eugenics?

The word eugenics is derived from the Greek word eu (“good” or “well”) and the suffix -genēs (“born”), and was coined by Francis Galton in 1883 to replace the word “stirpiculture,” which he had used previously but which had come to be mocked due to its perceived sexual overtones.

Eugenics is defined as the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Eugenics is a method of optimizing the human races, but it fell into disfavor only after WW2 when International jewry used propaganda to brain poison the public with stories of “Evil Nazis.” We are constantly told that eugenics is a racist belief, yet Israel has had its own eugenics policies in place for years, which is ironically based on stolen Europoid DNA.  This program includes deporting African migrants to Europe.  The jews, not Germans are the ones obsessed with building a “master race.”

The Fitter Family Contests

When one considers the strong contribution of agricultural breeding to the eugenics movement, it is not difficult to see why eugenicists used state fairs as a venue for popular education. A majority of Americans were still living in rural areas during the first several decades of the 20th century, and fairs were major cultural events. Farmers brought their products of selective breeding — fat pigs, speedy horses, and large pumpkins — to the fair to be judged. Why not a contest for humans to select the most eugenically fit family?

The winners of the medium family class of a fitter families contest pose at the 1927 Kansas Free Fair.  The American Eugenics Society was founded as a direct result of the Second International Conference on Eugenics, held in New York in 1921.

This was exactly the concept behind Fitter Families for Future Firesides — known simply as Fitter Families Contests.  The contests were founded by Mary T. Watts and Florence Brown Sherbon — two pioneers of the Baby Health Examination movement, which sprang from a “Better Baby” contest at the 1911 Iowa State Fair and spread to 40 states before World War I. The first Fitter Family Contest was held at the Kansas State Free Fair in 1920. With support from the American Eugenics Society’s Committee on Popular Education, the contests were held at numerous fairs throughout the United States during the 1920’s.

Exhibits like this one, seen at an exposition in Philadelphia in 1926, were popular.  Based in New Haven, Conn., the American Eugenics Society attracted the support of nearly every major American eugenicist.

At most contests, competitors submitted an “Abridged Record of Family Traits,” and a team of medical doctors performed psychological and physical exams on family members.  Each family member was given an overall letter grade of eugenic health, and the family with the highest grade average was awarded a silver trophy. Trophies were typically awarded in three family categories: small (1 child), medium (2-4 children), and large (5 or more children).

View of a Eugenic and Health Exhibit with crowd, Kansas Free Fair, 1929.  More an advocacy group than a scientific organization, the American Eugenics Society promoted general ideas to the public.

All contestants with a B+ or better received bronze medals bearing the inscription, “Yea, I have a goodly heritage.”  Childless couples were eligible for prizes in contests held in some states.  The Fitter Families Contest mirrored the eugenics movement itself, as winners were White with Western and Northern European heritage.

Charts used at a Kansas Free Fair show types of marriage. The American Eugenics Society organized a series of fitter families contests in which participants (divided into small, medium and large family classes) were ranked based on the mental, physical and moral health of family members.

There were several different categories that families were judged in: size of the family, overall attractiveness, and health of the family, all of which helped to determine the likelihood of having healthy children. It was believed that certain behavioral qualities were inherited from one’s parents. This led to the addition of several judging categories including: generosity, self-sacrificing, and quality of familial bonds. Additionally, there were negative features that were judged: selfishness, jealously, suspiciousness, high-temperedness, and cruelty. Feeble-mindedness, alcoholism and paralysis were few among other traits that were included as physical traits to be judged when looking at family lineage.

A display board shows Color Inheritage in Guinea Pigs, 1926.

Doctors and specialists from the community would offer their time to judge these competitions, which were originally sponsored by the Red Cross. The winners of these competitions were given a bronze medal as well as champion cups called Capper Medals. The cups were named after then Governor and Senator, Arthur Capper and he would present them to “Grade A individuals.”

A sign with flashing lights used with the first exhibit at a fitter families contest reads: “Some people are born to be a burden on the rest. Learn about heredity. You can help to correct these conditions.”

The perks of entering into the contests were that the competitions provided a way for families to get a free health check up by a doctor as well as some of the pride and prestige that came from winning the competitions. By 1925 the Eugenics Records Office was distributing standardized forms for judging eugenically fit families, which were used in contests in several U.S. states.

An exhibit and examination building is marked with a sign: “Fitter Families for Future Firesides.”
The staff of a fitter families contest, pose at a Kansas Free Fair.
An exhibit and examination tent at an Eastern States Exposition.
A family competing in the small family class in a fitter families contest poses at an Eastern States Exposition.
Fitter families contest winners at the Kansas Free Fair, 1927.
People pose outside the Fitter Families headquarters at the Georgia State Fair in Savannah, 1924.
American Eugenics Society Fitter Families Medal
Charles Davenport

Charles Benedict Davenport (June 1, 1866 – February 18, 1944) was a prominent American biologist and eugenicist.  He was one of the leaders of the American eugenics movement.

In 1904, Davenport became director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where he founded the Eugenics Record Office in 1910. During his time at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Davenport began a series of investigations into aspects of the inheritance of human personality and mental traits, and over the years he generated hundreds of papers and several books on the genetics of alcoholism, pellagra (later shown to be due to a vitamin deficiency), criminality, feeble mindedness, seafaringness, bad temper, intelligence, manic depression, and the biological effects of race crossing.

Before Charles Davenport came across eugenics, he studied math. He came to know these subjects through Professors Karl Pearson and gentleman amateur Francis Galton. He met them in London. Upon meeting them, he fell in love with the subject matter. In 1901, Biometrika, a journal, which Charles Davenport was a co-editor of, gave him the opportunity to use the skills that he has learned. Davenport became an advocate of the bio-metrical approach for the rest of his life. He began to study human heredity, and much of his effort was later turned to promoting eugenics. His 1911 book, Heredity in Relation to Eugenics, was used as a college textbook for many years. The year after it was published Davenport was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  

Davenport founded the International Federation of Eugenics Organizations (IFEO) in 1925, with Eugen Fischeras chairman of the Commission on Bastardization and Miscegenation (1927). Davenport aspired to found a World Institute for Miscegenations, and “was working on a ‘world map’ of the ‘mixed-race areas, which he introduced for the first time at a meeting of the IFEO in Munich in 1928.” Together with his assistant Morris Steggerda, Davenport attempted to develop a comprehensive quantitative approach to human miscegenation. The results of their research was presented in the book Race Crossing in Jamaica(1929), which attempted to provide statistical evidence for biological and cultural degradation following interbreeding between Negroes and Whites.

Eugenics Creed

As quoted in the National Academy of Sciences’ “Biographical Memoir of Charles Benedict Davenport” by Oscar Riddle, Davenport’s Eugenics creed was as follows:

  • “I believe in striving to raise the human race to the highest plane of social organization, of cooperative work and of effective endeavor.”
  • “I believe that I am the trustee of the germ plasm that I carry; that this has been passed on to me through thousands of generations before me; and that I betray the trust if (that germ plasm being good) I so act as to jeopardize it, with its excellent possibilities, or, from motives of personal convenience, to unduly limit offspring.”
  • “I believe that, having made our choice in marriage carefully, we, the married pair, should seek to have 4 to 6 children in order that our carefully selected germ plasm shall be reproduced in adequate degree and that this preferred stock shall not be swamped by that less carefully selected.”
  • “I believe in such a selection of immigrants as shall not tend to adulterate our national germ plasm with socially unfit traits.”
  • “I believe in repressing my instincts when to follow them would injure the next generation.”

Eugenics exemplifies health, which is why the movement was villainized. The “pride” that is being passed off today has zero to do with personal health or a health of a people. The more dysgenic a people or populace is, the easier it is for ZOG to control them.