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An Ayurvedic Adventure in the Kitchen (Audio)

This special show includes: -A cooking audio of the classic Ayurvedic beverage, golden milk! -The chakras, including the manipura/solar plexus -Ghee, its history and uses Golden Milk 2 tb. coconut milk powder 1 tb. gelatin, bloomed in 1/4 cup of water 1 tb. collagen 1 tea. maple sugar pinch Celtic sea salt 1/2 tea. medicinal mushroom (cordyceps, reishi or lion’s mane) 1/4 tea. astragalus, optional 2 cups hot, filtered water 2 tea. turmeric ghee (I like Pure Indian Foods brand) cardamon, to garnish Combine the dry ingredients in a blender.  Add the water, then the turmeric ghee.  Buzz for 30 seconds until blended.  Pour into mug and garnish with cardamom.  Enjoy!